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Technology Overviews

This table lists alphabetically the Technology Overviews
posted on the Mining Waste Technology Selection Website.
MIW = Mining-Influenced Water
MSW = Mining Solid Waste

Case Studies
  • Abandoned TVA Site
  • Annapolis Mine
  • Tar Creek Superfund Site
  • Black Butte Mercury Mine
  • Commerce/Mayer Ranch
  • Copper Basin Mine
  • Ely Copper Mine
  • Horse Heaven Mine
  • Ore Hill Mine
  • Kerramerican Mine
  • Southeast Ohio Coal Mine
  • Gribbons Basins Site
  • Kennecott South Zone
  • Leviathan Mine
  • Orono-Dunweg Site
  • Leviathan Mine
  • Ohio Abandoned Bituminous Coals, SE, OH
  • Copper Basin Mining Site, TN
  • Hartshorne/Whitlock-Jones, Hartshorne, OK
  • Valzinco Mine, VA
  • Copper Basin, TN
  • Tecumseh AML Site 262, IN
  • Tennessee Valley Authority, AL
  • Hume Mine, MO
  • Cottonwood Creek Mine, MO
  • Valzinco Mine, VA
  • Copper Basin, TN
  • Tar Creek Superfund Site, OK
  • McNeely Green Reclamation, OK
  • Bark Camp, PA
  • Central City/Clear Creek Superfund Site, National Tunnel, CO
  • Leviathan Mine, CA
  • Golinsky Mine, CA
  • Stowell Mine, CA
  • Copper Basin, TN
  • Central City/Clear Creek Superfund Site, CO
  • Alpine County, CA 1 & 2
  • Annapolis Lead Mine, MO
  • Big River mine Site, MO
  • Dunka Mine, MN
  • Gribbons Basin, MT
  • Horse Heaven, OR
  • Iron Mountain Mine, CA
  • Kerramerican, ME
  • Magmont Mine Site, MO
  • Orono-Dunweg, Mo
  • Valzinco Mine, VA
  • Copper Basin, TN
  • Bark Camp, PA
  • Cottonwood Creek, MO
  • Ely Copper Mine, VT
  • Hume Mine, Mo
  • I-99 Remediation, PA
  • Lava Cap Mine, NV
  • Ohio Numerous Coal mine Sites, OH
  • McNeely Green, OK
  • Stull Yard, ID
  • Tecumseh, AM Site 262, IN
  • Multiple Ohio Sites
  • Copper Basin Mining - Lower Potato, TN
  • I-99 Remediation, PA
  • Iron Mountain Mine (Copper), CA
  • Leviathan Mines, CA
  • Fire Road Mine, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Copper Basin of TN
  • Unnamed Site, Alpine, CA
  • Sunshine Mine, ID
  • Inactive Copper Mine, VT
  • Zortman Landusky–Swift Gulch Site, MT
  • Wellington-Oro Water Treatment Plant
  • Lava Cap Mine, CA
  • Toby Creek, PA
  • Friendship Hill, PA
  • Argo Tunnel, CO
  • Cement Creek, CO
  • American Tunnel, CO
  • Confidential, Gold/Silver Mine, CO
  • Orono-Dunweg, MO
  • Ore Hill Mine, NH
  • Bark Camp. PA
  • Commerce/Mayer, OK
  • Copper Basin, TN
  • Dunka Mine, MN
  • Keystone, CA
  • Hartshorne/Whitlock, OK
  • Ohio Multiple Sites
  • Tecumseh, AML Site 262, IN
  • Valzinco Mine, VA
  • Leviathan Mine, CA
  • Copper Hill
  • Bingham Canyon Mine
  • Stowell Mine, CA
  • Tar Creek, OK
  • Hydro-met LLC, SD
  • Annapolis Lead Mine, MO
  • Lava Cap Mine, NV
  • Potosi Area, MS
  • Shiny Rock Mine, WA
  • Valzinco Mine, VA
  • Sequatchie Valley Coal Mine, TN
  • Red Oak Coal Mine, OK
  • Soudan Mine, MN
  • Fort Hood, TX
  • Tennessee Valley Authority, AL
  • Golden Sunlight Mine, MT
  • Ely Copper Mine, VT, phytosequestration
  • Kerramerican NPL, ME, phytohydraulics
  • Magmont Mine, MO, phytosequestration
  • Black Butte Mercury Mine, OR, phytosequestration
  • Gribbons Basin, MI, phytosequestration, phytohydraulics
  • Valzinco Mine, VA, phytosequestration
  • Copper Basin, TN, phytosequestration
  • Sequatchie Valley Coal Mine, TN, phytosequestration, phytohydraulics
  • Bark Camp, PA, phytosequestration, phytohydraulics
  • Annapolis Lead Mine Site, MO, phytosequestration
  • UP Mines, MI, phytosequestration
  • Boston Mill, Cochise County, AZ
  • Bingham Canyon Mine Ground Water Project, Zone A Sulfate Plume, Kennecott South Zone, Copperton, UT
  • Pennsylvania Coal Mine, Southwest
  • Tar Creek (Operable Unit 4)
  • Potosi Mine, MO

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