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The members of the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC) Mining Waste Team wish to acknowledge the individuals, organizations, and agencies that contributed to this Technology Overview a part of a Web-based Technical and Regulatory Guidance.

As part of the broader ITRC effort, the Mine Waste Team effort is funded by the ITRC. ITRC operates as a committee of the Environmental Research Institute of the States (ERIS), a Section 501(c)(3) public charity that supports the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) through its educational and research activities aimed at improving the environment in the United States and providing a forum for state environmental policy makers.

Additional funding and support have been provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The team acknowledges the individuals, organizations, and agencies that contributed. In particular, the team wishes to recognize the efforts of the following State ITRC members throughout the project:

Current Team Members:
Andrew Gorton, Tx Commission of Environmental Quality
Anne Marie Palmieri, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Douglas Bacon, Utah Department of Environmental Quality
David Cates, Oklahoma, Department of Environmental Quality
Gregory Shuler and Ramesh Belani, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Mary Boardman, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Richard Aho, Michigan County Solid Waste Management Authority
Robert Peale, Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Valerie Wilder and Julieann Warren, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Past Team Members:
Doug Jamison, Colorado
John Schmeltzer, Vermont
Linda Elliot, Vermont
Jeff Painter. Pennsylvania
Rick Roeder, Washington

A Special Thanks goes to Christian Romero from the Center for the Promotion of Sustainable Technologies, La Paz, Bolivia for his extraordinary efforts to attend conference calls, make thoughtful suggestions, and volunteer selflessly to prepare material for this web-based Tech-Reg.

The team also acknowledges Valentine Nzengung, University of Georgia; Glen Miller, University of Nevada–Reno; Lambis Papelis, Desert Research Institute; and Jeff Morris, Western Research Institute in Laramie, Wyoming for their knowledgeable contributions of the current research under way in this field. Additional thanks go to Ted Asch from the U.S. Geological Survey; Harald Ehlers, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Robert Weber, Office of Research and Development USEPA: Ellen Rubin and Shahid Mahmud, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters; David Riesman, Office of Research and Development, NRMRL Land Remediation and Pollution Control Division: Mike Fitzpatrick, EPA HQ–Solid Waste; Christine Wilson and David Rathke, EPA Region 8; Joseph Eidelberg, EPA Region 9, and David Toth, EPA Region 3. The Team also thanks Heather Henry, NIEHS _ Superfund Basic Research Program: Pamela Innis and Richard Newell, Department of Interior – Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance:

The team also thanks Donovan Smith and Michael Sieczkowski, JRW Remediation; Michael Burkett, MT2, LLC; Ron Buchanan, Melody Madden, and Dan Ramey of McMoRan; David Tsao, BP, North American: John Carter, Doe Run, Inc; Helen Joyce, MSE; Kelley Payne, Kennecott Utah; Douglas Bradford, TRC Solutions; Alan Kuhn, Russel Keenan, Maya Rohr, and Greg Whitman, Kleinfelder, Inc.; Jim Whetzel and Jay Hodney, W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.; Bob Rennick, CDM; Jarvis Harper, FTN Associates, Ltd.; and Matthew Setty, Ionic Water Technologies;. The team acknowledges the community stakeholder author Dennis Green and participant David Smit.

ITRC especially acknowledges the perseverance and persistence that team co-leaders Paul Eger (Minnesota) and Cherri Baysinger (Missouri) displayed during nearly three years of unfunded commitment to the project. They completed a White Paper, searched for team members who gradually built a new membership base and funding for ITRC, and completed the first ITRC web-based Tech-Reg. They held themselves and their team to the highest standard. Steve Hill of RegTech, Inc. also committed many hours to get this project under way, provide advice on proper scope, and help the team Co-leaders manage the development of the Web-Based Tech-Reg. In sum, ITRC commends this team and its leadership and management for staying the course and completing this project. We can all learn from their commitment.

This Web site is owned by ITRC •
1250 H Street, NW • Suite 850 • Washington, DC 20005 • P: 202-266-4920 • F: 202-266-4937 • Sponsored by Environmental Council of the States

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