Approximate Cost: Free (one seat, government, version 2.0)/$100 per sampling location per site (unlimited seats, version 3.0)

Source:  Summit Envirosolutions, Inc. (www.summite.com/products.html)

Current Version: v3.0

Operating System Needs: Windows 32 or 64 bit

Input Structure: Simple cross-tab comma-separated values (CSV) file (date, location name, X coordinate, Y coordinate, parameter values)


SampleOptimizer and SampleTracker can be used for monitoring optimization to reduce sampling costs and perform statistical testing to find potential anomalies in sampling data.

Add-Ins Available

The product is compatible and integrated with Summit’s EPIPHINY data management solution ($1000/seat) for import/export to and from multiple formats including spreadsheets, databases, and a variety of text formats.

Ease of Use and Data Import

The tools require Windows (32 or 64 bit, XP or later). You can input data using a CSVcomma separated values file, or in combination with EPIPHINY, to and from many other formats. Documentation and a brief tutorial are provided. The software is designed around an easy-to-use interface that automatically configures the settings based on the input set and allows control of the entire optimization process.


Graphics can be generated and modeling can be done with krigingA weighted moving-average technique to interpolate the data distribution by calculating an area mean at nodes of a grid (Gilbert 1987). or inverse distance weighting interpolation methods. Results can be exported to PNG file, to GeoTIFF, or to ESRI Arc Grid.

Primary Uses for Groundwater Data Analysis

SampleOptimizer and SampleTracker are tools for both spatial and spatio-temporal analysis for monitoring network optimization.


Limitations and Data Requirements


Summit Envirosolutions, Inc. 2013. Summit Envirosolutions, Our Products. http://www.summite.com/products.html.


Publication Date: December 2013

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